LXB Multifold Paper Towels, Natural Quality, Primitive Bamboo, Flexible and Skin-Friendly, Suitable for Mother and Baby, Small Size, Easy to Place, White, 240Sheets / Pack, 45 Packs/Case.

Only £29.08

☞ PEACE OF MIND PAPER PRODUCTS: Using virgin bamboo pulp, natural quality bamboo paper, no harmful chemicals, green, environmentally friendly, flexible, skin-friendly, thick four-layer, not easy to break when wet, strict production process, let you use it more assured.
☞ GOOD VALUE FOR MONEY: You can get 45 packs of paper towels with a one-time purchase, which can easily fill every corner of your life, such as bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, office, living room, dining room, etc., to help you maintain daily cleanliness.
☞ MORE TYPES AND STYLES: If you think this style is not in line with your choice, you can go to our shop to visit more styles, small packs of tissues that can be carried in the dormitory, and rolls of paper for home use. I believe you can find what you are satisfied with.
☞ 100% SERVICE: We will do our best to serve you, select high-quality products and guarantee high-quality, and all you need to do is to add our products to your shopping cart. We hope to serve you and make your life better is our sincere wish.
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45 Toilet Rolls