Facial Makeup Primer, Hydrating Face Foundation Primer, Long Lasting Makeup Base Pore Primer, Moisturizing Isolation Cream Whitening Cosmetic

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Pre-makeup lotion: This is a facial isolation brightening cream suitable for use in foundation. The main function is to cover concealer naturally after use and keep the isolation effect for a long time. Fine and smooth texture, without floating powder after makeup, create perfect makeup effect.
Improve skin problems: Improves skin tone, dry, rough pores, cover fine lines and other skin problems. Improve nutrient metabolism of skin, to make the skin tender, smooth, wrinkle free and elastic.
Block dirty things: The biggest feature of the isolation lotion is that it can help the skin to isolate the external dust and dirt. It moisturizes and conceal pores, making your makeup natural and protecting your skin from radiation and dust.
Smooth and delicate: the texture of the cream foundation is smooth and easy to push away the color. It can still keep your skin moisturized and smooth without greasiness after use. Damascus Rose is extracted, which can moisturizes and brightens the skin and increases flexibility
Oil control and lasting: Effective isolation, cover pores and prevent dust, longlasting oil control, makeup can last whole day. It contains green tea essence, balance water and oil, antioxidant, scavenge free radicals.


Hydrating Face Primer