Cif Power & Shine Antibacterial Eliminate 99.9% of Bacteria* Cleaning Wipes Multi-purpose Wipes for A Beautifully Clean Home (4 x 90 Wipes)

Only £8.00

Cif Power & Shine Multi-Purpose Antibacterial Wipes eliminate 99.9 Percent of bacteria*
This multi-purpose cleaner eliminates bacteria like Salmonella, E.coli, Listeria, and flu viruses
Cif Power & Shine antibacterial multi-purpose wipes clean and disinfect in one wipe
This multi-purpose cleaner is suitable for the sink, cooker, shower, fridge, toilet, bins and table
Cif antibacterial wipes lift dirt quickly on virtually all surfaces around your home
Cif cleaning wipes are tough on dirt and scum, with the fragrance of fresh flowers


Multipack of 4 x 70 days