Cat Toys,2 Pcs Kitten Toys for Indoor Cats Automatic Moving Mouse,Clockwork Spring Power Interactive Plush Mouse Toy,Pet Toys Cats Mouse Self Play for Kitty Cats (Gray Brown)

Only £5.59

【2 Cat Mice Toys】Our cat mouse toys furry cat mice set of 2 wind up mouse toys,Interactive cat toy mice with different colors (Gray & brown),A great toy for you to play and interact with your pet cat, pet dog.
【Satisfy Cat’s Hunting Instinct】Our cat toys with running mice are safe indoor prey, these realistic furry animal awaken your cat’s natural hunting instinct,Suitable for kittens and cats of all ages and sizes,cats will delight and amuse you.
【Keep Your Cat Engaged with You】Build trust and partnership between you and your cat. Whether you are a kitten or an old cat,toys provide you with a fun way to exercise them and interact with you, Rewind the wind-up mouse toy to keep him going again and again.
【Cat-Friendly Material and Size】Each cat mice toys is made of high-quality materials,they are durable and strong, which will not harm the cat and can be safely played to cats.Toys can make sounds which allow cats to have realistic experience in the having fun.
【Simly Easy】The vibration cable ring tail is small mechanism, Just Pull out the tab and put on the flat floor,gently pull it out and let it go,and the mouse will run away and pause after a few seconds,You only need to pull out the vibration cable ring again.


Works with Alexa | 1 Camera