3 pcs Dog Toys for Boredom Dog Chew Toys Interactive Treat Dispensing Dog Puzzle Toy Vocal dog bites toy can clean dog teeth10.5cm/4.1in

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STURDY AND BITE-RESISTANT MATERIAL: Puzzle Toys for Dogs is made of bite-resistant material that can resist the dog’s long-term bite, and is strong and tear-resistant. Puppy Teething Toys can relieve pets? anxiety and improve pet?s IQ. Dog Ball Toys is a multi-functional dog toy that integrates vocalization, food leakage, teeth grinding, teeth cleaning, bounce, etc.
INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Chew Toys for Dogs adopts serrated molar lump design with different sizes and strengths. When the dog chews the product, Vocal dog bites toy will produce greater friction, thereby removing tartar and dirt, and ensuring pet dogs Daily health of the oral cavity.
LEAKING TOOL: You can put dog food on the upper part of the IQ Dog Treat Ball. In the process of fiddling, pushing and playing with toys, the dog can get dog food or snacks from the leaking hole. IQ Training Ball allows dogs to be rewarded for their own efforts. Reduce Boredom Teething Toy not only increases the fun of toys, but also improves the dog’s IQ when playing.
WITH SOUND DEVICE: Pet Molar Bite Toy has a sound device at the bottom. When the dog bites and plays with the product, Dog Toys Ball For Boredom can squeak to attract the dog’s attention and increase the dog’s interest in playing.
INTERACTIVE DOG TOY: Chew Ball Toy Cleaning Teeth Multifunction for Pet is a dog toy that can be used to bounce and float on water. Dog Treat Toy Ball can give full play to the physical stamina of the pet dog. You can play interactive games with the dog to enhance the relationship with the dog.


Durable High Bounce Rubber Dog Ball