WOMAN ESSENTIALS BRUME DEO&SOIN – 24-hour Deodorizing Care Mist for Body & Intimate Use – Dry, sensitive or shaved skin – 35 ml spray. 99% Natural Ingredients. Made in France.

Only £12.90

DAILY FEMININE HYGIENE SPRAY for body and intimate areas. A 2-in-1 ULTRA-GENTLE FORMULA with natural active ingredients for intimate mucous membranes and body eliminates the need for multiple deodorants. Reduces vaginal odours without disturbing the balance of the intimate flora. Suitable for dry, shaved or very sensitive skin.
HIGH TOLERANCE: protects, smoothes, moisturises. NO ALUMINIUM SALTS OR PARABENS. 99% NATURAL INGREDIENTS (Bio-Regenerative Orchid and deodorizing vegetal complex. Moisturising and regenerating ingredients).
PROVEN 24-hour EFFECTIVENESS with decrease in lipase activity (responsible for unpleasant vaginal odours). This intimate feminine deodorant does more than cover up unpleasant odours with a strong fragrance—with prebiotics, it actually stops them from forming while regulating skin’s microflora. Its subtle fragrance merges with the skin to leave behind a discreet scent of freshness.
SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING: Innovative 96% biobased plastic bottle produced from sugarcane, a renewable raw material. 35 ml compact purse spray. Ultra-discreet and practical bottle to slip in your handbag.
WOMAN ESSENTIALS, a French expert brand in cosmetic gynaecology. Our mission is to bring a global approach to caring for all aspects of a woman’s intimate life, with essentials for hygiene, beauty and pleasure. 100% Made in France. Tested by gynaecologists, approved by women.


Moisturises for 24 Hours