Straame Bliss Ultra Soft Luxury 3-Ply Toilet Tissue Roll, Triple Quilted Bulk Quantity Toilet Rolls, High Absorbency and Gentle on The Skin for Everyday Use (45)

Only £16.50

3 PLY TOILET ROLLS: One of the most everyday products we should always have at home, but nowadays is sold out first in the supermarkets, making it difficult to obtain. Been there, right? Forget this dilemma with our bulky toilet rolls. Premium quality toilet paper that will last in a busy household for weeks. For family use or large areas such as public toilets and leisure centres
GENTLE ON THE SKIN: 3-ply tissue design, our luxurious toilet rolls have a soft feeling on the skin. Durable and absorbent, it will not fall apart when in contact with water. It will not damage your skin, offering a confident, fresh clean.
QUILTED SHEETS: For greater comfort and ease of use, the rolls are quilted and can be easily divided into tissues. One toilet roll holds a total of 170 sheets.
HIGH ABSORBANCY for everyday use: It will make you and your family feel more confident and fresher after every visit to the bathroom. High-quality and designed with the whole family in mind, from the youngest to the elderly in the family will be able to use it comfortably, thanks to its softness touch.
DIFFERENT PACKS: Different packs available. Pack of 40 or 45. Forget about running out of toilet paper again. The 3-ply toilet tissue paper rolls are made for the comfort of the whole family. Simpler things that make life easier.


45 Toilet Rolls