Little Duck So Soft Luxury White Toilet Paper 3 Ply Mega Pack Bathroom Tissue 45 Rolls with Maxx 3 Ply Jumbo Kitchen Towel 12 Rolls

Only £26.99

LIGHT WEIGHT, SUPER ABSORBENT : These cleaning towels and toilet tissue are lightweight, super absorbent durable & convenient to use. This Maxx Ply Jumbo roll is made up of premium quality material for extra strength & absorption.
3-PLY ROLLS : Little duck toilet rolls has 3 layers of plush cushiony softness, hygienic, safe and disposable, this 3 ply tissue papers gently pamper your skin. Subtle scent of little duck so soft luxury white toilet tissue calms, soothes and detoxifies for added cleanliness and freshness.
ABSORBENT AND ULTRA-SOFT : Little duck premium toilet rolls are made of natural fibre that are soft and absorbent. Perfect solution for daily personal hygiene, protects against bathroom borne diseases like diarrhea and urinary tract infection.
TRIPLE LAYER STRENGTH : The extra large sheets and triple layer strength, means less effort and less paper needed for stains, dirt & dust. Maxx Ply Jumbo is an all purpose kitchen roll by Little Duck and is strong enough for any household task including spills, in the kitchen and bathroom, cars.
EFFECTIVE CLEANING : Let you effectively clean away stubborn dirt and lime scale to leave your toilet, kitchen Corner, bathroom sparkling clean. Can clean the dirt deeply, make the cleaning become simply and quickly.


45 Toilet Rolls