Lictin Eyelash Perm Kit – Eyelash Lifting Kit Professional Eyelash Lifting & Perming Tools for Salon and Home

Only £9.99

Exquisite Gift Set: include eyelash glue, softener, fixing agent and nourishing liquid, cleansing liquid (both are 5ml). Attached accessories : 15 x pink eyelash brushes, 15 x small lip gloss brushes, 3 x Y-shaped brushes, 15 x eye patches, 10 x silicone pads, 10 x cotton swab sticks, 10 x silicone rolls and 6 x colorful silicones
Fast Eyelash Lift: Lictin eyelash lift kit can keep lashes curled, making your lashes look more curly naturally and making your eyes bigger, more beautiful, energetic and younger. Ideal for people who want natural curls
Convenient & Long-lasting: The eyelash perm kit can last about 15-30 days, so you don’t need to use worrying false eyelashes on any occasion, indoors or outdoors or at the beach
Great Combinations: The cleanser can make your lashes curl easily and naturally. The patch on the eyelids can protect your eyes and make the eyelashes more visible(Please do a skin test on your eyelids before use.)
Note: Before using the product, please clean your eyelashes and skin. Spread the glue evenly on the back of the lift pad, wait about 1-2 minutes, place it on the eyelid and press for a while or fix the tail of the lift pad with tape. (Note: the liquid cannot touch the skin or get into the eyes. When using it, it is best to lie down to operate, so that the eye patch or eye pads will not slip off easily.)


Moisturises for 24 Hours