Hack Up Bespoke Instant Liquid Dog Calm – 100ml

Only £14.99

CALM YOUR DOG IN MINUTES — our effective, natural and tasty liquid additive gets to work fast, calming energetic and stressed dogs of all ages and breeds! No chemicals, allergens or side effects
100% NATURAL FORMULA — full of natural herbs, antioxidants and amino acids, our tried and tested formula contains proven calming ingredients such as chamomile, ginger and liquorice
EASY TO USE — simply add 5-15ml of Instant Liquid Calm to food or water, 1-3 times per day. Regular use builds up the calming effect on body and mind, or use as a one-off or short-term treatment
TRUSTED BY DOG BEHAVIOURISTS — a tried and tested remedy that keeps dogs calm in all situations, including during training classes, travel and noisy fireworks or in unfamiliar surroundings
MADE IN THE UK — our dedicated factory team in Bury St Edmunds creates Instant Liquid Calm to international quality standards, hand packing it into recyclable bottles and biodegradable pouches


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