Apexto Wi-Fi Automatic Pet Feeder with Camera 1080p HD Video for Dog Cat Smart Pet Camera Feeder 2 Way Audio Pet Monitor for Dry Food, 4L

Only £103.99

1080p Full HD Camera: Livestream video to monitor your pet on your phone, no matter how far we travel to work, our auto pet feeder can talk to pets at any time through the APP, 110° wide-angle can make sure that the pet is well-behaved at home.
Easy to use APP: Easy to set automatic or manual feeding, control food portions per feeding, and 1-4 meals for one day at the right time, regular quantitative feeding can make pets healthier. we can also share cute moments with friends and family via photos and videos. Can compatible with any phone.
Internet connection:The feeder is only connected to the router 2.4G WIFI, not connected to the Internet. Please remember to configure it using 2.4G signal.
No need to worry about safety: The wide-mouth food delivery position will not allow food to get stuck. The product is equipped with a dual power supply, power adapter, and 3 D-size batteries (not included). There is no need to worry after the power is off, our products will continue Feeding protects our dog cat away from starvation, power-off memory function so no need to repeating settings.
4L large capacity: suitable for small and medium pets under 12 kg, the product has been designed and modified many times just to give our loved pets a better feeding experience. Timely Customer Support: If you have any questions about how to use this pet feeder or could not get the Camera to work, please feel free to contact us. We’re ready to help you solve your problems.
Sweet details: 10 seconds of recording to call it over to eat, let our pet feel we stay with them, safety lock function so that the pets can not steal food, no safety hazards; moisture-proof bags can be placed on the top cover, can alleviate food deterioration and moisture.


1080p HD video