FReatech Body Exfoliating Scrub Shower Brush, 2-sided Silicone Bristles for Wet & Dry Brushing, Gentle Massage and Fine Cleansing, Care for All Skin Types, Softer & Durable Than Loofah, Green

Only £7.99

【Game Changer】 Bath sponges and Loofah are difficult to clean and dry, and easy to fall apart or shriveled. The bristle brush is not friendly to delicate and sensitive skin, and the bristles often deform and fall off. FReatech body scrubber not only has the function of traditional mesh scrubber, but also 100% silicone is more hygienic, easy to clean and dry, durable and not deformed, suitable for all skin types, tourmaline contained.
【Double-sided Brush】 The long silicone bristles are super soft and flexible, which can easily move with the contours of your body. Dense bristles will complete the fine cleaning while gentle scrub. The opposite side are firmer nubs. It can be used for exfoliating and massage in the bath, or with body lotion and massage oil.
【Features & Benefits】 The soft-side lathers soap and shower gel well and gently scrub your whole body, even remove makeup from the face. Distribute foam evenly and efficiently remove the dirt around the body. The firm-side can massage the body and promote blood circulation, exfoliate and remove dead skin, reduce ingrown hair and cellulite. Tourmaline can stimulate cell regeneration and accelerate skin metabolism.
【Easy to Clean & Dry】 Just rinse it with water and hang it after use. In addition, it can be cleaned in boiling water due to the 100% food grade silicone material. Compared with similar products, FReatech unique perforation design and attached string and hook can make it hang to dry.
【Other Magical Uses】 After shower, It distributes body lotion or oil evenly and promotes skin nourishment and moisturization. It can be used to wash dishes if you wish. Furthermore, this is even better as a pet hair picker on pet bedding and upholstery.


Body Lotion for Normal to Dry Skin Care