Automatic Cat Feeder WiFi Enable Smart Pet Dog Food Dispenser App Control for Medium Small Pet Puppy Kitten,Voice Recorder Distribution Alarms, Portion Control

Only £248.66

【7.5L large capacity】: Double-layer sealed design to prevent cats and dogs pet food from damp and deterioration, 200 grams of food per meal, enough for pets to eat for 17 days, to prevent pets from picking up the automatic feeder 4 major designs
【APP practical functions】: Smart video + camera + voice + recording + playback can realize remote feeding of pet food by mobile phone, remote timing. You can download the mobile app to automatically control the feeder, and you can reward your pet at any time.
【Smart timing】: Input the 24-hour regular and quantitative feeding time with the mobile phone, 1-8 meals a day, 1-39 small paper cups per meal, prevent pets from overeating, control their weight and provide them with a healthy life
【Healthy and environmentally friendly material】: ABS plastic rice is used to protect your pets. The body comes with a control panel, and the machine can be set normally when WIFI is not available. It is designed to prevent clogging and no food jam
【Automatic cat and dog pet feeder】: Size 220×240×510mm, dual power supply design, smart switch between adapter power supply and battery power supply, using 3 AA dry batteries (up to 4 months of battery life)


5 Litre