UpSoitech Slow Feeding Mat Pet Snuffle Mat Dog Sniffing Training Slow Feeding Mat Nose Work Mat Washable for Small Dogs Pet Puzzle Toys Durable Interactive Dog Toys Feeding Mats (Color : Grey)

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QUALITY MATERIAL: Made from quality polar fleece, soft, for pet slow feeding games. Anti-skid bottom to prevent the mat from slipping.
STRESS RELIEF: Studies have shown that sniffing for ten minutes is equivalent to running for an hour, which can consume dogs energy, relieve their stress and reduce destructive behaviors.
TRAINING: Let dogs use their powerful sense of smell to find treats hidden in the mat, encourage natural foraging skills, train sniffing and keep their noses working.
HEALTHY SLOW FEEDING: This mat can hide dog food, help control dogs eating speed instead of outrageous gulp, thus preventing choking.
Help: Consume surplus energy, reduce stress and promote self-confidence.


Encourages Natural Foraging Skills for