FZ FUTURE Pet Snuffle Mat Dog Training Nosework Blanket Cat Snuffling Nose Work Mat IQ Training Slow Eat Bowl Encourages Natural Foraging Skills for Stress Release

Only £40.84

Encourage natural foraging skills: The imitating nose pads promote the work of the dog’s nose and brain by imitating all foraging and foraging of food in nature. Maintain mental and physical stimulation.
The safest and most desired gift: the bottom is a non-slip cloth that can effectively fix the cushion and prevent the dog from moving the cushion. This is the most wanted gift for pet lovers, because it can release the extra energy of our pets and keep the pets healthy with this puzzle toy.
Easy-to-use design: This pet-friendly pet dog olfactory cushion has a durable color reinforcement structure, pentagonal multi-layer stitching, thick cotton thread sewing, high-quality non-toxic, odorless polyester fiber, sustainable environmentally friendly materials handmade, Sturdy and non-slip bottom.
Easy to clean-machine washable: The main fabric of the aroma pad is felt, which is environmentally friendly and easy to clean. For our beloved pets, this pet feeding mat is soft and safe. Machine washable, no floating hair
Slow-feeding pads: For dogs who eat a dry food diet and suffocate food, it is easy to cause suffocation, tracheal disease, anorexia, etc. Using a dog nose work blanket makes eating / snacking longer, allowing them to find a lot of fun, helping to correct bad eating habits, to prevent digestive problems and stay healthy.


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