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Easy to clean care :This mat is 100% machine washable and dryer safe! You can just throw the mat in the washing machine and forget The material is strong enough to hold shape and not to be torn apart during cleaning process.
Significantly sturdier,Enjoyed by any breed and size! We made sure that the snuffle mat is Sturdy enough to be used by any dog breed and size. The stitching is significantly sturdier than any other snuffle mat on the market
Soft Material Perfect for Everyday Use! The main material is soft and gentle on your pets sensitive face It prevents scratching and blister caused from hard plastic slow feeding bowls. The grass-like fabric is perfect for everyday use!
Perfect for satisfying both body and mind!Snuffle mat stimulates animal’s natural foraging instinct. Everyday mealtime becomes an exciting game with Pet Snuffle mat
Better eating habit for better life Is your pet eating too fast? Or ls your pet uninterested in food? Snuffle mat can hel correct these bad eating habits! Start Now before it’s too late and make your pets life so much better


Pet Snuffle Feeding Mat