CO-Z Professional Dog Grooming Tub, 127cm 50’’ Stainless Steel Pet Dog Grooming Bath Tub, Wash, Shower and Sink with Faucet, Adjustable Floor Grate & Walk-in Ramp

Only £1,059.99

XL Pet Wash Tub – 127cm wide tub accommodates large breeds with a load capacity of 118kg for the mightiest mutts plus the water weight. Two removable floor grates elevate petite pups to save your back from bending over. Easily guide dogs up the ramp and into the tub.
High-Grade Stainless Steel Construction – Anti-rusting 18-Gauge 304 stainless steel will help you clean canines for years to come. Never leak one drop with ultimate sealing durability, back-splash and side splash guards. Sliding door with a safety lock keeps water (and unruly pets) inside.
Revolutionary Drainage Pipe – Revolutionary S-shaped drain pipe isolates the water inside to contain any unpleasant odors from coming up from the pipe, providing a more enjoyable user experience.
Wide Applications – It is an economical groomer’s tub for everyday grooming of all pets, accommodating both large and small dogs alike. Also suitable to demanding commercial groomers who need to wash more than one dog at a time
Complete Bathing & Grooming Kit – Everything you need to get started right away: Faucet with hot/cold water knob, attachable high-pressure hose, multi-spray shower head, overhead grooming arm, drain kit with hair trap, and shampoo rack.