Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain River 1L Electric Automatic Cats Dog Water Dispenser Mute Circulation Filters Fountain Pumps Not Wet Face Minerals Waterfall White

Only £221.99

[GREAT SIZE FOR ALL PETS] – The river Ceramic Pet Fountain Drinking Bowl making it ideal for Multiple Pet households and fantastic, 45 ° slope design for Older animals or Flat face Cats Dogs having difficulty using traditional Water Bowls.
[FRESH, NATURAL HYDRATION]- The Free Flowing Streams of the river draw oxygen into the Water by breaking its surface tension, keeping the Water Fresh and enticing your Pets to Drink more
[HYGIENIC]- The Constant Circulation of Fresh Water obstructs the spread of bacteria, allowing your Pet to Drink the Clean Water. The Replaceable Filter cotton Filter also removes contaminants from Hard Water, making it Safe for your Pets to Drink
[FILTER DEAL WITH] – Natural ceramic material,Maifanite Minerals stone Used for Balance water quality PH, Deep purification of water, internal Triple filtration (filter cotton + activated carbon + filter cotton)
[ROBUST, SLEEK, EASY] – River’s ceramic design makes pet waterers easy to clean and safe to use,More robust Sturdy Hygienic,The Silent Submergible Pump makes the river a subtle addition to your home that you and your pet will love


1 Litre