AIICIOO 5.0 26W UVB Bulb for Reptile High UVB Output Tropical Compact Fluorescent Bulb forAmphibian Tortoise Lizard Succulent Plants Improve D3 Synthesis Increase Calcium Absorption 2pack

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Apply for aquarium and terrarium, stimulates pets appetite, activity and reproductive behavior through uv radiation
High uvb output that similar to sunlight, effective up to 12″ (30 cm), promotes D3 synthesis for optimal calcium metabolism, Prevent metabolic bone disease
This uvb lamp can help pets increase feeding, mating, exercise and other natural behaviors, such as snake, lizard, bearded dragon, and UVB basking helps tortoise to develop its shell
Also suit for succulent plants, especial growing indoor ones. Emits uv only, helps plants to perform photosynthesis
Specific: 220-240V, 26W, E27 sockets. The lower emissions of UV as they aged, so it¡¯s recommended to change your UVB lamp in 12 months. Fluorescent bulbs do not provide sufficient heat, it¡¯s recommended to use with AIICIOO ceramic heat lamp. Don’t keep it working so much long time or it will stop quickly.


2 Pack