LJIANW Fish Pond Liner, Thick Impermeable Membrane Gardens HDPE Membrane Landscaping Protection Pond Liner, 2Sizes (Color : 0.6mm, Size : 8x15m)

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Thickness:0.5mm , 0.6mm; Weight: 250gsm/300gsm; Impermeable water: 100%
High-density polyethylene, environmentally friendly and durable,Foldable, cuttable, tear resistant
Melting point 110℃-130℃, high temperature exposure will not soften
Landscape ponds, fish ponds, ponds, swimming pools, storage tanks, lakes, reservoirs, shrimp farming, fish farming, etc
Pond Liners are designed for use in decorative ponds and water features, withstanding harsh weather conditions such as frost, snow, and extreme temperatures.


8 Rolls