2 Pack Stainless Steel Parrot Fruit Vegetable Stick Holder 20 cm Bird Skewers Foraging Toy Hanging Food Bird Treat Skewer with 35cm Extension Chain for Hens Fowl Chickens Cockatoo Cockatiel

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STAINLESS STEEL FRUIT VEGETABLE HOLDER – Our vegetable skewer tools are made of premium stainless steel, which is different from most of alloy materials on the market, it is corrosion resistant and not easy to rust. It can be used for a long time even under the juice of fruits and vegetables. No need to worry about tools rusting and contaminating food to protect the health of pets.
KEEP FOOD CLEAN – This chicken veggies feeder is designed as a skewer with hanging chain and hook, which can be hung in coop easily. The hanging design prevent chickens or birds step on the food. Don’t worry about putting the food in the place and getting dust, keep the vegatables and fruits clean and fresh.
VEGETABLE HANGING FEEDER SIZE – Veggies skewer length: 20 cm(7.87″); Chain length: 45 cm(17.72″); Button length: 3.6 cm(1.42″); Round spacer diameter: 3 cm(1.18″); The spacer can prevent vegetables and fruits from slipping off and the extended chain design can adapt to higher places.
EASY TO USE – Just unscrew the bottom screws, skewer tomato, apple, cabbage corn, carrot, cucumber or other vegetables fruits what your chickens like, then tighten the screws and hang the vegetable fork in the proper place. With different vegetables and fruits, you can also add different nutrients for your pet.
GREAT TREATING TOY – The chicken food holder not only stimulates chickens’ natural foraging, gathering and fighting behavior, but also provides a source of entertainment for chickens and birds to vent their emotions, relieving the pressure,increase the pleasure of eating.


2 Pack