ZACAL Dog Whistle for Recall Training, Discipline & Obedience – Recall, Sit, Heal, Lay Down, Stay & Other Commands | Includes Lanyard Neck Strap | Whistle Adjustment Instructions Included (NO LOGO)

Only £4.99

DOG WHISTLE: The ZACAL Dog Whistle can be used for the Following: Recall and commands such as; Sit, Stay, Lay Down, Heal & Paw
ADJUST FREQUENCY: Before you use the whistle you may need to adjust the frequency first. The Whistle frequency can be adjusted by removing the black casing and twisting the bottom of the whistle. Don’t forget to twist the nut at the same time to hold the frequency rod in place.
PET DOG WHISTLE: When adjusting the whistle, keep blowing the whistle at different frequencies until your dog responds. When your dog responds to it, you can put the black casing back on and start using your new Training Aid with you companion
IMPORTANT: A Dog Whistle is a training tool to get a dog’s attention. A dog has to learn to understand the sound of the whistle and respond to it. Some dogs will opt to ignore the whistle sound or hear it as ‘background noise’


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