TTBD Pet Nose Work Snuffle Mat Dog Feeding Training Mat Snuffle Mat for Dogs Large Encourages Natural Foraging Skills Snuffle Training Toy Stress Release

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Puzzle training: Pet feeding training mats dog mats imitate the way of looking for food in the wild, keep the dog’s brain agile, also consume the dog’s energy and prevent them from destroying furniture.
Slow food pads: Pet feeding training pads can prevent digestive problems and correct bad eating habits. It can stimulate the search instinct of pets, let pets eat for a long time, reduce weight, and control diet health.
Perfect size: The size of the pet feeding training mat is 35.5*35.5 inches. Large size, don’t worry about the mat is too small, not suitable for your pet. You can place it anywhere and roll it up for storage.
Safe and non-slip: The pet feeding training mat is safe, non-toxic, and wear-resistant, which is very suitable for dogs and cats. The non-slip bottom, with 2 straps, can be fixed under the chair to prevent the dog from slipping while eating.
Easy to store and clean: Dog feeding training are made of durable materials and can be washed by the machine. At the same time, the strap design is easy to roll up and easy to store. Ideal for your pets for indoor and outdoor activities.


Encourages Natural Foraging Skills for