LJIANW Black Pond Liner High Density HDPE 0.6mm Geomembrane Can Be Cut For Rectangle Round Duck Pond Fountain, Custom Size (Color : Black, Size : 8x14m)

Only £600.13

PROTECT YOUR POND: This liner will help to contain your pond, while also creating a safe and healthy environment for wildlife and plants
SAFE MATERIAL-Made of good quality HDPE, safety and environmental protection, high density, anti-seepage, anti-exposure, anti-aging
THICKNESS-thicker, 0.6mm (24-mil), thicker than ordinary films, durable, tear-resistant, not easy to puncture, and long use time
MULTI-FUNCTIONAL USE: Not only is this liner effective for your ponds and other water features, it can be used in different ways. Utilize the liner for raised garden beds, sub-irrigation planters, and other self-watering projects
EASY TO CLEAN-This pond liner provides a flat surface for your pond, reducing the soil accumulation. Also can effectively prevent harmful substances in the soil from penetrating into the pond to pollute the water, so that you can clean the pond easily


8 Rolls