yzf Smart Cat Toy, Rechargeable 360-Degree Auto-Rotating Flying Saucer, Three-Speed Adjustable, Can Be Used for Indoor Cat Entertainment and Catching Training Games

Only £41.18

★RANDOM EXTENSION: equipped with an electric engine, spin the feather toy at a random and fast speed, let your cat play. Attract the cat’s attention and satisfy the cat’s hunting instinct.
★SMART MODE FUNCTION: it will automatically wake up every 4 hours, and then it will play with your cute kitten for 5 minutes, and then stop. Sleep automatically at night without interruption.
★ADJUSTABLE SPEED: If the feather is slow, please switch to fast mode! Interactive feathers can satisfy the cat’s natural instincts to prey and prey, and improve the overall happiness and health of the cat.
★ELEGANT DESIGN: The smooth circular design is aesthetically pleasing. When the ball collides with walls, chairs, doors, etc., the ball will automatically change direction. No additional help is needed.
★AUTOMATIC CLEANING: The bottom is equipped with a cleaning ring, which can automatically take away the hair on the ground while teasing the cat.


Interactive Game for Boredom