YINLING Pet Toys, Cat And Dog Food Leakage Device, Educational Toys, Large Dog Food Leakage Ball Toy

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Improve intelligence: The pet feeding equipment for pets is an interesting foraging toy. It can let your pet see and smell the food in the toy, thus arousing his interest and appetite, and your pet will swing it. Trying to drive it to take the food inside
Prevent overeating: The structural design will effectively control the amount and speed of pet consumption, prevent indigestion, and reduce the speed of eating. Your pet will interact with you when getting a pet, and can also exercise effectively.
Material: Environmentally friendly ABS material, wear-resistant and bite-resistant, so that pets do not have to worry about safety when playing.
Unique design: The specially designed food storage design can help the owner put scented food and snacks into it. The dog’s sensitivity will tell him that there are some delicious, which is more attractive to the dog.
Funny pet toys and food leaks: The food leaker allows dogs to get physical exercise and enjoy chasing food, which can enhance the fun of the intimate interaction between pets and their owners.


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