BioKitty Clumping Cat Litter, Baby Powder, 100% Biodegradable, Extra Absorbent, 10L

Only £14.99

STRONG CLUMPS: Biokitty Cat Litter has HIGH ABSORPTION capacity which is accompanied by strong clump formation.
EXCELLENT ODOR CONTROL: Pure white NATURAL MINERALS absorb malodor in your litter tray and keeps it odor-free. Long lasting BABY POWDER fragrance helps your tray to stay like the first day.
EASY TO SCOOP: Strong clumps are easily scooped out from tray. Clean and fresh tray, everyday.
DUST-FREE: Biokitty Cat Litter’s high-end formulation keeps your cat’s paws clean, as your home.
LONG LASTING: Refilling the tray consumes less litter than ever because of easily scooped strong clumps. PURE WHITE minerals are packed in RECYCLABLE PACKAGE.


10 Litre