BASMPP Dogs Cooling Mat – No Need To Freeze Or Refrigerate – Pressure Activated Gel Dog Cooling Mat – This Cool Pet Pad Keep Your Pet Cool, Use Indoors, Outdoors Or In The Car

Only £78.99

【THE BEST GIFT FOR DOGS IN SUMMER】- Our cool mat is different from other mats on the market. Its temperature is 8 ℃ lower than the somatosensory temperature.To ensure the quality of dog’s sleep.
【AUTOMATIC COOLING MAT】- Automatically Recharging Cooling Pad Provides Continuous Relief Up to 3 Hours.Versatile Mat Design Soothes And Prevents Overheating and Dehydration in the Heat.
【SAFETY MATERIALS】- Non-Toxic, Completely Latex-Free Material is 100% Safe for Animals, Adults And Kids.
【EASY STORAGE】- Highly Durable Liquid Gel Construction, Convenient for Traveling and Quick Storage.
【EASY TO CLEAN】- Flexible Mat Folds Flat; Retains its Shape Over Time; Wipes Clean for Years of Use.


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