TYX-SS Automatic Food Dispenser, Dog Food Dispenser for Both Small And Medium Pets 5L, Voice Recorder, Programmable Timer And Distribution Alarms, IR Detect, Up To 4 Meals Per Day

Only £285.99

★APP remote control: allows you to feed your furry friends anytime, anywhere (only dry food). You can choose to feed automatically by setting the time, or you can choose to feed manually through the app on your smartphone.
★Precise feeding: Through mobile phone control, you can easily monitor the amount of food provided at each meal time.
★User-friendly: Just scan the code (on the back) to download the free application. Connect it to the 2.4GHz WIFI network and follow the instructions.
★Has a 1,300,000 pixel camera: It supports taking pictures and video communication, even if you are thousands of miles away, you can watch cute pets and talk to them.
★Easy to clean up: The foldable feeding bowl and food container are easy to clean up, which will provide a healthier eating environment for your pet.


5 Litre