PawtoTop Dog Whistle | Stainless Steel Dog Training Ultrasonic Silent Whistle | Whistle Tool for Recall Training and Obedience | Get PDF Tutorial | Free Lanyard Strap with Adjustable Pitch

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?BEST DOG WHISTLE FOR TRAINING ? ? It doesn?t matter what breed your dog belongs to, whether it is a Bulldog, Poodle, Terrier or other breed, with our dog whistle can ensure that they obey to your instruction for Sit, Paw, Lay Up and Down. Don’t know how to train your dog with dog whistle after purchasing? Please contact us by email and you will get a PDF electronic training tutorial freely, which may bring you great help.
?ADJUSTABLE PITCH ? ? Our dog whistle is precision engineered to produce a range of fund frequencies between 5.4KHz and 12.8KHz. Dogs can’t hear all frequencies, but you can adjust the pitch for corresponding frequency to fit your dog the best. The sound will not annoyed you and who is around you, it is an ultra-sonic sound that is fit dogs
?SAFE DOG WHISTLE TO STOP BARKING ? ? The ultrasonic dog whistle WILL NOT hurt your dogs? hearing so you can use Silent Bark Control whistle for dogs to stop useless barking. You can use this silent bark control whistle for dogs training without any health concerns.
?EASY DAY TRAINING ? ?Dog whistle provide an harmless option to train your dog and build a greater communication with. Please note that this ultrasonic whistle wouldn’t make your dog understand your instructions immediately. You are supposed to train your dog to do so. When the dog is 3 to 7 months old the training effect is the best.
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2 Pack Professional Ultrasonic Dog Training Whistle with Lanyard & Adjustable Frequencies