Dog Whistle, Ultrasonic High Frequency Whistle [3 Pieces] Lanyard, Gain Control And Stop Barking, 8 * 1 Cm

Only £6.16

√√Adjustable: The whistle is adjustable to find the best frequency for your dog. Adjustable pitch whistle is a great way to teach the dog new commands. Dogs cannot hear all frequencies, but you can use ultrasonic dog whistles to set the appropriate frequency so that your dog responds.
√√Safe pet whistle: use ultrasonic whistle and click to train your dog so you don’t have to scream. Although ultrasound is not a “loud” sound, it is loud enough for dogs to hear. When you train a dog, our low whistle will not hurt your dog’s ears.
√√Wearable: The main part of the dog whistle is made of high quality stainless steel and is coated with a protective layer. The small size uses high quality metallic black, durable and rustproof. It is deliberately small and light and can be worn very easily on the neck with our matching black lanyard.
√√Callback puppy / dog: your pet can hear the dog whistling 25 meters away, even if he cannot see you he can hear you! Train your puppy / dog with various commands and let your pet follow your instructions (sit down, paw, lie down, get up, heal)
√√Note: Please note that the dog whistle will not immediately make your dog understand your instructions. You should train your dog to do this. When the dog is 3 to 7 months old, the training effect is best.


2 Pack Professional Ultrasonic Dog Training Whistle with Lanyard & Adjustable Frequencies