CHUWPI Calming Collar for Dogs – Anti Anxiety, Adjustable Pheromone Calm Collars – Fits All Small, Medium and enormous Dog to alleviate Natural Stress, Fireworks Anxiety, Calming Aid

Only £15.95

Perfect Calming Collar – Recommended by veterinarians thanks to the collar’s excellent effects, it helps support and improve your pet’s calm. The ingredients are absolutely safe to use for your pet.
Immediate & Lasting Effect – After calming collar placed round the dog’s neck, temperature stimulates pheromone that immediately relieves the scared, anxious, nervous, hyperactive, being alone, petrified of loud noises (fireworks or thunder), etc. Effectiveness lasts up to 60 days whether or not they get wet.
Convenience & Flexibility – Calming collar may be adjusted to suit all size of dogs up to 25 inches. The compact size of the merchandise also makes it easy to hold around even when traveling.
Handy and Simple to Apply: With the length of 25 inches and new design, just buckle it to the right length and interrupt any extra length, leaving a pair of inches to facilitate future adjustments.