ACME Dog Whistle No. 210.5 + Whistle Band Included, Original from England, Ideal for Dog Training, Robust Material, Standard Frequency is Loud and Wide-Reaching (Carmine Red)

Only £8.99

Clear signals: with this dog whistle, your dog will receive clear signals and commands. Your dog can hear the whistle even in noisy environments (e.g. motorways, building sites). Clear communication between you and your dog will be a lot easier.
Constant pitch: This whistle’s standard frequency means that no matter who uses it (e.g. partner, child), the same note is heard. Also no matter what your emotional state. –
Stylish colours: The Acme dog whistle is in a beautiful colour. Goes with every outfit and occasion. –
Training: You can use the whistle whether you want to train your dog for hunting or to come back to you when out walking. It is best to use the same frequency once your furry friend has become accustomed to one. The advantage of the finest quality Acme whistles is that they all have the same frequency.
Whistle strap: you will receive a whistle strap to match the colour of the whistle. So, you can put the dog whistle around you neck and always have it close at hand. This also reduces the risk of losing it.


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