ACEMIC Dog Snuffle Mat Slow Feeder Bowl,Cats Dog Puzzle Toys Nosework for Dogs Large Small Pet Puppies Training Play Mats Imitating Dense Grass Encourages Durable Machine Washable 27.6×27.6In

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NATURAL FORAGING:Dog snuffle mat puts your dog’s nose and brain to work actively by mimicking hunting in nature, training and keeping their natural foraging skills. The challenging treat dispensing maze toys avoid your dog’s bored and relieve their stress. You just hide your dog’s favorite snack in the corner of this play mat.
SAFE & HIGH-QUALITY:Thicken polar fleece keeps your dogs from red nose and face friction. Mat for dogs is lighter and easier to clean (machine wash) than wool, it is durable made and won’t rip or torn apart easily, which satisfies smart and experienced dogs natural curiosity and enhance its superior sense of smell.
SLOW DOWN EATING SPEED:Let’s help your dogs developing a good eating habit! This snuffle mat for dogs helps to slow down dog’s eating speed and Improve picky eating habits.The colorful sniffle mat also enhances the dog’s desire to hunt.
PET SNUFFLE MAT: It is a foraging mat that is suitable for pets with foraging instincts, such as puppies, cats, rabbits, pigs, etc. A good snuffle mat will be a good friend of your pet. It is a foraging toy, puzzle toys, foraging mat, feeding mat, training toy, interactive toys, and nose work mat.
CUSTOMIZED GAME FOR YOU:In addition to the rich snuffle mat for dogs, we have also prepared a fun game for you!The snuffle mat for dogs ball can be taken down at any time, start the throw-and-catch game now!Improve the tacit interaction between you and your pet


Encourages Natural Foraging Skills for