yichengshangmao Biodegradable dog garbage bag faeces bag, lavender scented feces bag, 8 filled rolls No fragrance

Only £14.98

1. We know what your hands are going to do, and at the same time we want them to be safe, clean and free of feces. So our dog dung bag is 100% leak-proof, and it is very thick and strong!
2. They are easy to use, and when you go for bowel movements, they are not difficult to use.
3. Extra details are very important to us, so all our packaging and inner cores are made of recycled materials. Our bags also contain EPI additives, which makes them biodegradable.
4. The size of each dog dung bag is large enough to completely cover your hands and sleeves when picking up. The remaining space is sufficient, and you can tie a safety knot in the bag after completion.
5. Because we love dogs and care for the environment, we only have such products. At the same time, we also hope that you can use them safely and safely.