Set of 3 Kitty Cat Essentials CAT LITTER TRAY with 48 Kitty Cat Litter TRAYS LINERS and CAT LITTER SCOOP with 20 Waste Bags Assorted Bundle for Cat Litter Disposal (Brick Red)

Only £12.99

【SET OF 3 – PACKAGE INCLUDES】1 Cat Litter tray (36cm X 26cm X 9cm), 2 Packs of 24 kitty Litter Tray Liners(70cm X 30cm), 1 Cat Litter Scoop with in-built 20 waste bags(28cm X 13cm X 6cm). The bundle includes a random colour of Litter scoop.
【1 X CAT LITTER TRAY】A well made and strong Plastic Cat Tray. The depth of the tray is approx 9cm which is enough for putting Cat Litter. Available in 2 Colours as shown.
【2 X 24 KITTY LITTER TRAY LINERS】The approx length of the liner is 70 cm, and the “half folded” width of the litter tray liners is approx 30 cm. These liners fits most litter trays and completely disposable.
【1 X CAT LITTER SCOOP】Lightweight and strong Litter scoop for cat tray also has 20 waste bags which can also be replaced after use. A 13 cm wide head of the scoop ensures proper layering of the litter into the tray.
【GUARANTEED SATISFACTION】All the products in this bundle match to fit the purpose. You can choose the best suitable Cat Litter for your Kitty Cat and use this bundle for the needful.


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