S-Lifeeing Dogs Cats Medical Grooming Pet E-Collar Recovery Remedy Cone Protective Dog Lick Caught Soft Sponge Adjustable Postoperative Kit For Small and Medium Dog

Only £13.99

The soft material makes this Cone of Shame can be bended when pets are eating and drinking, pets could eat and drink normally
Lovely animal shape, looks adorable and your pet will like it
The collar provide a safe and humane method of preventing cats and small Dogs from aggravating a healing wound or injury. Helps Overcome Lick-Bite, Itch-Scratch Cycle. Ends Self-Inflicted Wound Aggravation or Mutilation.
The velcro closure enables this dog cone easy to wear and adjust the tightness slightly.
Please make sure to measure the circumference, or distance around your dog’s neck before selecting a size. Select an collar dog medical collar that is close in size to your pet’s regular collar. A properly fitted collar should have enough space to allow you to insert two fingers between the collar and your pet’s neck.


Emwel Inflatable Pet Protection Cover Washable Protective Collar for Small dog and Cat – Small