QQWA Dog Whistle To Stop Barking– Ultrasonic Copper Core Dog Whistles Adjustable Pitch, High Pitch, Sensitive Dogs, Recall Training, Dog And Puppy Training

Only £2.05

Adjustable Frequency Whistle: Dog whistle can be adjustable to multiple frequencies which easily train your dog unlimited commands.
Safe Dog Whistle: Use silent bark Control for dogs stopping useless barking, it’s easy to catch dogs’ attention by blow the whistle, will not hurt your dogs ears.
Good Quality: The dog whistle is small and light weight, which comes in premium metal black color,Long lasting and rust proof
Easy Training: Ultrasonic sound training tool to teach your dog unlimited commands such as recall, sit, come, stop,baring, stay, and toilet training.
The dog whistle is suitable for recall dogs, training them fetching, laying down and sitting, while correcting dogs’ bad behaviors. When the dog is 3 to 7 months old, the training effect is the best


Recall & Stop