Pooch Pad Protection PREMUM DOG TRAINING PADS 150 count, BETTER Absorbing WEE WEE PADS. Soft D-LUX PUPPY PADS for DOG & CAT for Ultimate Training

Only £52.56

LEAK-FREE DELUXE PEE PADS: Great for any size pet! Great for kids wetting their beds too! No more FRUSTRATION! No more WORRIES! No more ruined floors! So just ADD TO CART NOW!! As we cannot guarantee to always be in-stock, place your order NOW so you are safe!
☛ TOP QUALITY at LOWEST PRICE! Our TRAINING PAD’s quality doesn’t cost, IT PAYS!!! If you are looking to buy cheap, low quality pads then these are NOT FOR YOU! These PEE PADS are HIGH QUALITY for customers who are looking for the BEST! Do you love your dog or cat? Then you only buy them the best!
✹ ANTIBACTERIAL, LARGE, UNSCENTED PEE PADS for pets in any stage! Works great for dogs with SENSITIVE skin too! DOG’S love the soft materials & won’t tear or shred the pad! SIZE: Large: 23.5 x 23.5 inches (60 x 60 cm). ☛ NO NEED TO USE MULTIPLE PADS EACH TIME, INSTEAD USE ONE PAD MULTIPLE TIMES!!!
LAB TESTED SOFT WHITE FLUFF: These WEE WEE PADS are the only ones you can TRUST on AMAZON! They were tested to be EFFECTIVE & obtain the best training results! They can hold up to 6 cups of liquids! Unlike many other brands that can only hold up to 2 cups! Need more? Buy our XXL size pads that can hold up to 8 cups!!
☻ PHEROMONE ATTRACTANT: During your Puppy’s training you want to make sure they are comfortable with peeing on the Pads, but MOST IMPORTANTLY they need to be ATTRACTED to it! This is why we are using new TECHNOLOGY PHEROMONE ATTRACTANT that are GUARANTEED to make the TRAINING PROCESS SMOOTH & EFFICIENT! ☻☻☻


Guaranteed Leak