N?A Intelligent WiFi Cat Litter, Deodorising Module, 5 Litre Capacity, One Second Change Cat Litter, Suitable for Cats, Suitable for All Types of Cat Litter

Only £535.34

[Common for all types of cat litter] To expand the practicality of cat litter, the specially developed mesh filter can effectively filter and filter different sizes of lumps and particles.
[Multiple Protection] Heat sensor, infrared sensor, weighing sensor, anti-extrusion infrared sensor, intelligent detection, accident prevention mechanism. Keep your cat safe.
Smooth deodorisation: the design is stable and reliable, with a built-in deodorising module that can add cleaning fluid and automatically spray the cleaning fluid to remove viruses, bacteria and odours in time.
[Smart Pocket Butler] You can check the monitoring data, such as e.g. check the number of cat litter, via the WiFi link and check at any time if your beloved cat is fine, even if you are not there.
[Installation and disassembly] With integrated transport, it can be used directly without installation. Disassembly and cleaning are very convenient.


5 Litre