KOMUSII Dog whistle, 3pcs Ultrasonic dog whistle with lanyard adjustable frequency for Recall and Barking Control,Effective Way Of Training Any Breed of Dog,Professional Dog Training

Only £9.99

【Whistle strap】You will receive a free matching whistle strap with your whistle. Free premium quality lanyard strip help you wear it around your neck,ready to hand at all times and never worry about it being lost or misplacing. it is convenient to free your hands to interact with the dog when training.
【Easy Training】Whether you want to go hunting with your dog or simply want to call him in during walks, start whistle training as early as possible. Ultrasonic sound training tool to teach your dog unlimited commands such as recall, sit, come, stop,baring, stay, and toilet training. we’ve developed a better dog whistle to stop barking and help train your dog.
【Safe Dog Whistle 】When training your dog, our dog whistle will not hurt the dog’s ears,Control of dog barking, it’s easy to catch dogs’ attention by blow the whistle. This high frequency dog training whistle is frequency standardized, which means that whoever uses the whistle (e.g. partner, child), it will always emit the same sound, irrespective of their emotional state.
【Adjustable Frequency Whistle】adjustable frequencies and frequency lock to stop barking,Yes, our dog whistle has more frequencies,The professional ultrasonic dog training whistle can be adjustable to multiple frequencies which. Loosen the sonic adjustment screw. While blowing the air in from the air inlet, turn the adjustment lever to the pitch, and after the adjustment lever is turned, tighten the sound wave adjustment screw.
【Good Quality】Designed reasonable small size & comes in premium metal black color,Long lasting and rust proof. This dog whistle ensures that your dog will always receive clear signals and commands. Communication between you and your dog becomes much clearer and easier. With ultrasonic sound the whistle can be also used to drive out vicious dogs around.


Recall & Stop