Z-Color Smart Cat Litter Box, Fully Automatic Cleaning Sealed Structure Stop the Smell Mute No Dust, Suitable for 1-2 Cats 10l Large Space

Only £493.31

Fully automatic cleaning: intelligent gravity sensor, 24-hour induction monitoring of cat excretion, rotating filter cat litter, automatic silent cleaning, making pet care easier
Prevent odor emission: reduce cat litter carry out, sealed structure design, effectively prevent odor emission in the garbage compartment, let you put down the spatula to liberate your hands, away from odor.
30CM: The height above the ground is moderate, and kittens (only for cats over 1 kg) can also easily enter
Multiple safety protection: The equipment will be stopped immediately when the equipment is touched and pressed during the cleaning process of the master and escort. The intelligent chip in the rotation warehouse monitors the rotation status in real time to achieve double anti-trap protection
10L oversized collection bin: Traveling without worrying about cleaning the collection bin, you only need to change the garbage bag, just pull and pull, easy to clean the stool


1 kg