SSeir Cat Litter Box Automatic Intelligent Closed Cat Litter Box Wi-Fi Remote App Control Cat Litter Box 7L Large Self Cleaning Toilet for 1.5KG-8KG Cat Pet Corner Litter Box

Only £877.04

User-friendly can only be set, real-time monitoring and reminding of remaining status
Self cleaning.To use simply fill the bottom with clumping cat litter. To clean Just press the button, and your kitty litter is clean.
Removable, independent inner cylinder, easy to clean and use
The crystalline grid filter can effectively filter different size clumps and particles, suitable for Uses any self clumping cat litter, such as mixed sand, bentonite sand, tofu sand, etc.
It can accommodate adult cats within 1.5KG-8KG, and the box can be cleared once a week or so. The capacity of the toilet box is 7L, and the recommended amount of cat litter is 5L (not including cat litter)


5 Litre