Newgreeny Dog Sniffing Pad Pet Sniffing Pad Consumes Energy Hiding Food Pad Toy Blanket Heart shape (52 * 40cm) Grape purple

Only £46.66

Material: The soft and environmental material,and safe,This pet activity mat is gentle on your pets sensitive face and body.
Easy To Use And Clean:You only need to hide the snacks in the dog’s snort pad,and let your dogs to find it out, training your dog’s sense of smell, let your dog’s nose and brain to work by mimicking the hunt for food in nature, and help relieve stress and relax.Simply throw this washable dog feeding mat into the washing machine and forget about it,great for indoor and outdoor activity for your pets.
Dogs Interactive Puzzle Toys:The Sniffing is the dog’s nature.Hide the dog’s snacks or toys,then let it to find them,to get interactive play. Dogs can have training and fun at the same time when foraging, and add the interact with you.
Used widely:Perfect for all dogs,dog training mat builds interaction between owner and pet. Your dogs will never feel boredom again as it can take hours before dogs went though all the nook and crannies to find their favorite treat, keeping them securely in place for less-messy pet feeding.
Unique:If it is difficult to walk the dog in bad weather, you could use this sniffing mat to keep your pet occupied.It’s a good mental stimulation.It can train your pet’s foraging skill and release stress.


Interactive Game for Boredom