NA 4 Pcs Ultrasonic Dog Training Whistles with Lanyard Professional Dog Training Whistle with Adjustable Frequencies to Change Sound and Pitch for Recall and Barking Control

Only £5.49

High quality: Dog whistle is convenient, compact, made of high quality copper, very durable and has a long service life. Professional dog whistle, make this lightweight dog training whistle a part of you
Safe dog whistle: A dog whistle won’t hurt or bother your dog, it only catches his attention and stops the nasty barking. This is the ideal dog training tool that won’t hurt your dog during training
Easy training: The pet dog training whistle can make all kinds of sounds, so you can easily train your dog, such as sitting and training in the toilet, not just stop dog barking
Easy to carry: The dog whistle is small and light and can be stored in a keychain or pocket. You can carry it everywhere because you never know when you need it
The perfect gift: This is the perfect gift for pet lovers to train their dogs, and it is also a fun tool to play with your dog


2 Pack Professional Ultrasonic Dog Training Whistle with Lanyard & Adjustable Frequencies