HCHL Dog Puzzle Toys Reduce Anxiety And Boredom Dog Iq Training Toys Game Interactive Slow Feeder Educational Toys For Dogs (Color : Pink Dog Puzzle)

Only £47.00

【Dog Puzzle Toys】This toy can help your pet learn to find food, train your pet’s intelligence, and make your pet more intelligent and cute.
【Dog Iq Training Toys 】This toy can also be used to allow you to interact with your pet, which is very convenient and labor-saving, and also has a puzzle effect.
【Reduce anxiety and boredom】 Without toys, dogs will become bored, biting shoes and furniture and causing destructive behavior. Dog chewing toys can teach chewing habits and reduce anxiety and boredom while satisfying natural chewing needs.
【For Small Large Dog Cat】The scope of application is relatively wide, not only for your pet dogs, but also for your pet cats.
【100% service】 If you are confused about the quality of the product or have other questions, you can send us an email, we are happy to solve the problem for you.


Interactive Game for Boredom