Dog Waste Bag , Easy Tie Dog Poo Bags With Handles, 100 Extra Thick and Strong Poo Bags for Dogs,2 Roll, 50 Doggy Bags Per Roll

Only £7.99

BAGS HAVE HANDLES – DIVCHI Pick-Up bags include handles making for quick and easy waste management, not to mention more sanitary.
TRAP ODORS INSIDE – The 15 Micron thick bags are strong and easy to tie up which will prevent leaks and odors from escaping while continuing your walk.
LARGE SIZE – Perfect for large dogs and small dogs alike, these bags measure over a foot long and wide to make sure you can clean up after your pet with just one bag.
BAGS TOTAL – Stock up on poop bags for your pooch because let’s be honest, we know you will need them. This box comes with Rolls, 50 Doggy Bags Per Roll.
PET & PET: We have been dedicated to producing awesome and earth friendly poo bags because we care about pets and the environment. Let’s Be A Part Of Sustainable Living.


120 Extra Thick and Strong Poo Bags for Dogs