Dog Retractable Lead with Anti-bite Steel Wire Rope Set, Free Extendable Reflective Leash for Small Medium and Large Doggies Outdoor Running Walking with Ergonomic Handle, Red

Only £19.99

Size: Nylon Leash Rope Length: 487cm. It can withstand a dog of 110 pounds. Please consider the size of your dog before buying to see if it is suitable.
With Anti-bite Wire Rope. In addition to the nylon rope that comes with it, we also have a wire rope. If your dog always wants to bite the rope, you may wish to consider using it.
Reflective Nylon Rope. The nylon rope itself has a reflective design on both sides, which will be safer when traveling at night and reduce the possibility of accidents.
Easy to Use. Whether you want to give your dog freedom or keep your dog within a certain distance from you, these can be achieved with one click, and you can refer to our usage diagram to operate.
Ergonomic Handle. Considering the strong pulling force brought by the dog’s crazy forward rush, the design of the handle can well cushion this impact and make the owner feel more comfortable in use.