CCLIN Smart Wifi Litter Tray, Deodorization Module, 5 Liter Capacity, One Second Change of Cat Litter, Suitable For All Kinds Of Cat

Only £692.95

Comfortable: The spacious interior and the large swing door offer plenty of space – even for the largest cats. The hood, including the swing door, can be opened or removed completely, making it easier to clean the toilet.
Hygienic and safe: The included activated carbon filter prevents unpleasant odors from escaping from the litter box (this should be changed at regular intervals). And to make sure there is no mishap, the shell has an extra high edge.
Your cat can enter or leave the very bright toilet on playful and with a quick glance you can check the condition of the litter, which is no longer distributed in your apartment thanks to the lid.
The cat litter is designed to offer lots of space and quick accessibility.
The side and back of the litter box are high enough to keep the litter from spreading on the floor.


5 Litre