Zeqeey Small Hanging Fat Ball Bird Feeder Holder 2Pcs for Feeding Outdoor Garden Wildlife Birds Finch Sparrow Robin, Metal

Only £7.99

Easy Feeding: This lightweight cage-shaped small birds feeder is very suitable for wild birds finches foraging in branches or bushes. Using the hook that comes with the package, you can easily hang the feeder wherever you can reach, not just on windows, balconies or bird feeding station
Easy Refilling: This small finches bird feeder has an openable round lid, which is very convenient to refill fat ball again; if the lid is pushed open by the bird during the feeding, the small ring at the opening can provide convenience for you to fix the lid
Small Capacity: Only one fat ball or suet ball or half a bread can be accommodated. This can prevent bird food from deteriorating and moldy due to long-term storage outdoors, and it is also convenient to disperse hanging feeders to attract more birds, such as woodpecker sparrow, robin
Stable Material: Made of iron steel wire with anti-rust plating, which can provide food for birds for a long time in the wild, and no need to worry about rust. The golden coating, which is as beautiful as the colorful flowers in spring, can also attract the attention of many birds. Hang it in the yard, not only to provide delicious food for the birds, but also to embellish your garden
Package Contains: 2Pcs small hanging metal feeders, gold; 2Pcs S-shaped hooks, black. Size: bird feeder: height 10cm, diameter 7cm; Hook: 12cm